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Service Studio is good at showing me what my application is dependent on but lacks the ability to show me what is referecening my applicaiton.  For example, if I want to delete an application, I'd like to know what is referenceing it before I do.
Created on 5 Feb 2016
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Hello David,

Would it be an advantage if this is shown in service studio? How do you see this applied in service studio? Service center (factory -> eSpace -> references) gives a great overview of what is used by which eSpace (which is also reachable trough service studio). Also discovery is a good tool for this.

Kind regards,
Hi Evert - Thank you for your response.  Our Service Studio screen is starting to get real busy with things that were installed from the Forge and then never used.  My rationale was that if I could click on an application and see it wasn't used, I could just delete it.  I can try your recommendation and see how it works.

Thank you,

Dave -

I agree, I've had the same experience too. In Service Center, you have to go to each module in the Application to see consumers. :(