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It would be nice to have Service Studio in a linux machine without the need of a vmware or VirtualBox.

Even if it was with wine.

I've heard about Mono. Is it true that with Mono you can run Service Studio in linux?
Created on 2 Jun 2010
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You have to recompile the .Net-sourcecode using Mono framework, but maybe it will directly run with WINE installed on Linux?

Wine enables Linux, Mac, FreeBSD, and Solaris users to run Windows applications without a copy of Microsoft Windows.

Regarding mono, at the moment, no.

It might be possible to run SS 4.2 and below using WINE.

SS 5.0 relies heavily in some components from the .NET Framework 3.5 that aren't, as of now, supported by mono.

Also, a bit offtopic but just to clarify, both Mono and Microsoft .NET create binaries using the same CLR standard and therefore you can compile in .NET and run with mono or compile with mono and run in .NET, as long as the system assemblies are supported in both (that is not the case for most of the 3.5 Framework).
It might be possible now, "Microsoft Takes .NET Open Source And Cross-Platform"


While there's life, there's hope.
I would LOVE to see this happen!
I always understood Service Studio was written in C++, not C#? Or does it use managed C++?
@Killian, ServiceStudio is written in C# therefore it runs on the .NET framework.

I believe it used to be written in...*shivers* Visual Basic.

Anyhow, bring it on..

I think the biggest issue will be the designer itself which is based on IE :(

Not ever since 8.0.1, when we ditched IE in favor of Chromium which fixed lots of stability and portability issues.
...and brought in a load of new problems :) (most of which are luckily solved by now).
Any plans to do that? it woud be cool to run Service Studio in other OSs without a VM.
It would be great, or maybe the platform could enable a full HTML5 RDP Client/Server that we could install and run on premises.

Hey guys,

There is another idea to have SS on Mac:

Should I merge these two, or in this thread we really want to have it on linux (not just Mac)?


That is something great! Many developers use Windows just for Service Studio. I'm one of them. Everything that I need Linux can provide for me (dev tools and compilers) and I believe that if SS runs in Linux many people return to their favorite OS.

Best regards,


+1, make it happen, natively, not like you did with the Mac version.

It's not 2010 guys, let's make this happen! I'm pretty sure there are alternatives to C#.net / better libraries now after 10 years

+1 Desperate need for a Linux version