Personal Environments should have a way for users to clear/delete System Logs

Not right now

My Personal Environment often gets System DB size full and the only way I can address it is by involving the Helpdesk...

Unless I am missing something (DBcleaner does not seem to clear this issue), would it be possible to have someway for the Admin to delete unwanted logs, etc which affect the P.E.'s behavior?

Thank you!

Claudio L.

Created on 13 Feb 2016
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This seems to be a recurring need for the PE's.

I'd be curious why folks are generating 2 GB of logs in 4 weeks? That seems excessive for any use case that I would put on a PE. Maybe you just need to stop logging so much?


Thanks Justin!
As far as I know, it is not logging I have control of (my own apps) ... Something internal is creating this system logging and I am not sure what it is ... Its probably something I may be doing wrong, althought I checked that I have no orphan timers/processes which may be causing errors ... Either way, I have had to call in for support to clear these system error logs and would love a way to be able to do it myself so I do not have to bother anyone else...
I've created a tool to help manage the dabase space occupied by the Logs, you can get it in the Forge:


Will give it a shot! THANK YOU!
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Not right now

Hi guys,

Carlos' component in the forge looks like a great tool (I use it :) ). 

We understand that the DB size for personals might be short for more experienced devs who really take advantage of what a PE can offer, but for now, we have no plans to change how things are managed.

We are keeping an eye on this kind of reports, though...