Generate Structure from different data formats

By Henrique Batista on 15 Feb 2016
The idea is to right click the structure icon and then, generate structure from:
-> XML
-> Excel etc

Goncalo Borrega25 Oct 2016

Thank you for the feedback.

With OutSystems 10 you can do this for JSON structures.

A way to accelerate consumption of other formats it would be to use XML to/from JSON converters or CSV/Excel to/from JSON converters as an intermediate step to consuming those datasources

Keeping this idea open to gather more feedback from the community as how this new capability supports these requirements. 


JSON serialization and deserialization are now directly available as actions in the visual IDE. Create JSON structures by introspection and further customize the mapping of attributes with the built-in JSON structure editor.

These actions are available both in server and client-side action flows for endless data and UI integration scenarios.