CSS Build Style Editor

on 12 Dec 2017
OutSystems 10

Add a CSS Build Style Editor to make the CSS editing easier and quicker.

Created on 22 Feb 2016
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23 Feb 2016
Hi Mariaan,

 Thanks for sharing the idea.

 Have you tried  https://labs.outsystems.net/ThemeCustomizer/  already?
 If you did, what shortcomings do you find on the Theme Customizer vs. the approach you are proposing?

23 Feb 2016
Why would it be faster and easier?
 There are a zillions possibilities to add to a class, so it would be very confusing.
 The autocomplete in the CSS is pretty straightforward.

 that said, something handy like less/sass is always a plus :)
24 Feb 2016
Hi Joao,

 I've tried the ThemeCustomizer, works very well. It seems to me that it is for the initial colour theme and layout but I am new to OutSystems, so I could be wrong.

 Visual Studio has a built-in Style Editor and I have found it very useful over the years.

2 Mar 2016
I've seen issues with the Theme Customizer .. it misses some of the styles like the Sub Menu.
4 Mar 2016
Yup, the theme customizer has many issues.

Hi guys,

With the new Styles Editor (released in you can now change widgets style and CSS selectors using low code.

If you want to know more just change our Product Updates page:


Check the documentation here: https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/10/Developing_an_Application/Design_UI/Look_and_Feel/Change_the_Look_of_Widgets_with_Styles_Editor