Style Sheet Editor

By Barbosa on 2 Jun 2010
Hability to select another editor other than Notepad
J.4 Jun 2010
not sure. But I guess you using 4.2 or so?

5.0 uses an inline css editor which has color-syntax.
so it has much improved.

Manuel Dias6 Jun 2010
Hi Rui,

Like Joost pointed out, 5.0 introduced a set of enhancements related with stylesheets, namely:
- New stylesheet editor
- Stylesheets per web screen and webblocks
- Styles preview in the properties pane
- Ability to assign several styles to one object.

So, I will consider this as released, although specifically the idea of configuring an extra stylesheet editor is not available.
Let me know if this is ok with you.

Paulo Tavares15 Jul 2010
Already Done.