The one click consumers refresh

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After a publish you can get a warning that a consumer is outdated.
You then need to go to that espace, open it, refresh de references and publish it.
If you have more consumers then this goes for all of them.
If you change and publish the producer then you need to do it all over it again.
This can be very time consuming.

I propose to have the possibility to refresh en republish these consumer espace directly from the warning pane: a one click refresh for all consumers.
Created on 1 Mar 2016
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1 Mar 2016
Besides it's proposed already I think.

- do you mean only open espaces or closed ones as well?
- The time consuming will not be less, since everything needs to be refreshed anyways.
- Outsystems needs to build in logic to make sure the refreshing is in the CORRECT order, otherwise you end up refreshing the espaces multiple times.
- There is also need to break out circulair references, which makes it even harder.
- what happens if the refreshing breaks the consuming espace, do they need to be opened, or just marked as invalid?
- if you happen to have them open, do they get the focus when they need to merge stuff manually?
So even a lazy coder like me like the idea, I fear the effort for outsystem is much higher than the actual value for the developer.

Should I merge the idea with this one?

It will increase the number of likes and merge the comments..