Warning or Error when ListAppending the Current to a RecordList

By Kilian Hekhuis on 7 Mar 2016
When you try to ListAppend the RecordList.Current, you'll end up with a faulty list (most likely the first record will be the last record appended - not quite what you want of an append). Service Studio should give a warning (or even error) when someone tries to do that. Or the platform should allow it (with the expected result), of course.
Suraj Borade8 Mar 2016
Hello OutSystems,

As discussed here, this idea must be implemented in the platform. We mus get a warning or an error, when we try to ListAppend the RecordList.Current.

This post explians the full problem I have faced since there is no warning or error message when we try to ListAppend the RecordList.Current. 


Please get ir resolved.
J.8 Mar 2016
I understand why it fails, but why should it be a warning?

In a loop you do get the warning? since it will introduce a possible endless loop.

But a one-timer, I am sure there are use-cases to do so...

Kilian Hekhuis8 Mar 2016
You understand why it fails? Well, then you know more than I do. Note we're not talking about ListAppending something to the (Record) List that's being looped over by a ForEach - that fails, and rightly so. We're talking about ListAppending the Current of a RecordList that's also the list being appended to. That doesn't fail but results in unexpected behaviour, without the platform telling you why.