Changing a 'DateTime' Attribute to a 'Date' Attribute - Confuses Conditional Statements

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An entity was originally created containing a DateTime attribute. Later it was decided to change it to a Date attribute as the time portion became unnecessary. Of course, all of the comparisons to the 'current date' had to be changed from CurrDateTime() to CurrDate(). This was expected. However, even though the parsing detected no errors and publishing was permitted, the date comparisions fail. To verify the issue, I wrapped all of the attribute references in DateTimeToDate() functions even though the attribute had been changed to Date data type. This worked!

To efficiently correct the problem, I had to loop through the entire SQL table and update each datetime value (which OutSystems believes is already that) to manually clear off the time portion. 

When the SQL scripts are created during publishing, I think that this should be incorporated into the process when a DateTime attribute is changed to a Date attribute. 
Created on 29 Mar 2016
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+1 from me. I'd consider this is a bug though, which should be fixed!