Allow the configuration and schedule to delete of old versions of spaces

By Cátia Oliveira on 30 Mar 2016

Set a timer in the configuration of the environment that allows the schedule and configuration to delete old versions of the espaces, avoiding the waste of time clicking the same button over and over until we reach the desirable point.
Grazina31 Mar 2016
Hi Cátia, This is a good idea, one that is already implemented. Check out the DBCleaner component. It has a timer - which you can provide a schedule for - that achieves exactly that purpose. Cheers, João
Cátia Oliveira31 Mar 2016
Not the idea, the idea is that incorporates Service Center Administration not being an extra tools outside the plataform. But thanks. Here we only have it in development enviroment. I will analize the espace code. Cheers, Cátia