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You can export any screen action into a image, or language resource file (excel / .net) file.

What I miss is the option to export any action with the code that is part of the action.

In my daily work, sometimes I "waste" a lot of time just trying to find what I’m looking for. If it was possible to get the code I would make my work more productive and also we could do code statically analysis to make it more robust and resilient.

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Created on 7 Apr 2016
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Carl -

Not sure I follow. You can't find what you are looking for... want to export the code... how is that going to help you? Sounds like an organizational (or naming convention) issue, or perhaps there are a couple of tricks you might not know about like "Find Usages" or "Find Usages in All Espaces"?

It's hard to explain by words ... In my dayly work my team gives support to N soluctions in production.
Resolving bugs and performance issues. There are some actions that are very bug, but very big and to trying to find the bug or why the performance is bad it is time consuming in looking and clicking, taking note of what the developer had in mind and at the same time not to lose focus on the main issue. If we had a print with the code it would be much easer to "navigate" and find the problem.
I'am from the old school where we first had to design in pseudo-code and then after validating by hand did we put into (in my case) cobol programs that worked and still today work.
Carl -

I have done the same for some of the largest OutSystems projects in the world... and COBOL on an old NCR mainframe was my second programming language learned (complete with pseudo code)... and I still do not understand the actual need here. F12 will do this job much more efficiently and quickly.

Yeah, this doesn't make much sense. You actually seem to claim that debugging C# code is easier than debugging OS visual "code"? That doesn't make sense at all. That said, if you have an on-premise installation, all code is there for you to dig into. I've used it a couple of times to hunt for platform bugs (but never for program bugs).
I totally agree with Justin and Killian. I've experienced some complex visual codes in the late 3 years, with 3 or 4 levels of espace actions calls in an unique screen action. Trying to understand this in a piece of paper or directly in the code would waste much more time...