Rename the property "Style" to "Class" or "CssClass"

Service Studio
on 30 Sep 2016
OutSystems 10

sorry in advance if this idea is already proposed.. could not find it.


the property style actually adds a class to a tag.

however when you use extended properties you must usee class to achieve the same, while adding style gives another effect.

This is very confusing.

so, please rename "Style" to "CssClass" or simple "Class"

Created on 11 Apr 2016
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11 Apr 2016
I'd say that "class" is more the implementation thing, while "style" is the functional thing. I can imagine it's confusing for power users, but it might have novice users scratching their heads.
11 Apr 2016
Agreed, I just want it to name something else than style ;)
now it's really a mirrored name.

4 May 2016
Iirc, in version 10 this is called "Style Classes", so I think they listened to you J :). Also, it's a string now instead of a literal, so I guess it's possible to use expressions.