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Recently i came across a situtaion where i need too a tag in web.config file and i did it using factory configuration. I think we should have it in our esapce so that we can see it at the time of development and can also change it directly.
Created on 15 Apr 2016
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nope, because it's generated it's not wise to change it directly.
and not everybody uses .net
I think what Pramod wants is exactly not changing the file directly, @J.

It would be fined if we could make some invasive changes in a secure manner, change via Service Studio ou Service Center, and letting the platform add the customized configs in the generated files...
Hi joao,
You are correct , it should not be direct.Now also we have a way to do this using factoryconfiguratn but it is a lengthy process and also you never no what additinal tags u added untill you go and see in factoryconfiguration application.