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Could you guys please add another function to the system stuff?

I would love the ability to have a method that can shuffle elements within a list.

Its not exactly hard to currently create a function to do this, but at the same time, it isnt possible to create a generic "list move" function, as "Generic Record List" isnt a type that you can compile with.

The function itself should be pretty easy - in actual fact I have attached it in the espace - but I cant compile this, as it uses restricted generic types.

As it stands each time you want to re-order elements on a list you have to write a new function for said list, and this makes doing that unneccesary.

Created on 15 Apr 2016
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You could create an extension to do this. I'm not sure about your use case - I've dabbled with lists quite a lot, but almost never I had the need to swap elements (except for sorting, but there's the SortRecordList for that).