By André Ramos on 27 Apr 2010

This is not an idea but a simple congratulation on the great idea that Wisdom of the Crowds was, and the ability to not only have the idea, but to come forward with it and implement it.

It's really nice to see that after the was dropped, the community ideology was not forgotten!

Manuel Dias27 Apr 2010
Thanks. We really hope this initiative can leverage all the great ideas from our Community and overall align the product roadmap with the needs coming from the field.

André Ramos27 Apr 2010
I love the idea! It's much better than spamming the Outsystem's support with ideas. :-)

And we get an improved feeling that the ideas are really being heard, so much more ideas should come up.

J.4 May 2010


Very nice to have this option. It's really great!

Only two improvements:

- I think you musn't be able to dugg you own idea
- Make the original post different (mayby background color?) It's really not reading fine like this. You first need to read a old post (original with is optional)  and then the newest to oldest. I now look much to the date when something is posted (witch is very small to read ;))
Paulo Tavares10 May 2010
Thanks for the feedback Evert!

Right now the original post is supposed to be mandatory, because we were getting some ideas that were only the subject, and sometimes we didn't fully understand what they meant.

Regarding the order, we're still trying to improve it, I agree.


I'll now use this post to give feedback over 'wisdom of the crowd'.

I've you implement new feature in the wisdom, could you please explain what it does or supposed to do?

I now see 2 more options:

Undo coming Soon
Undo Released

I'm curious if we are the one that can do that option and what should it do exactly (I know what it says, but explain a little bit).
Paulo Tavares11 May 2010
Hi Evert! Thanks for pointing it out to us. Sadly, now that you have seen those options, we have to kill you :)

We had a slight glitch in the application, but it has been fixed now. Those were management-only options, for us to flag ideas as "Coming soon" or as "Implemented".


Paulo Tavares

"we have to kill you :)"


And I already thougth it was a manager option ;)

J.19 May 2010

First of all, it woulkd be handy if we can link other ideas more easily and perhaps with some "info-balloon" with it as well.

and second, found this interesting: bug in the join or a glitch in the matrix?

Maybe for this post it's handy to keep in mind that the wisdom of the crowds also has a ECT possibility ;)


I've received the attached e-mail, and was suprised that everything was coming soon.

Bug or mistake?
Paulo Tavares31 May 2010
Hi Evert!

Either we have quadrupled our R&D staff during the weekend, or you have bumped into a bug :)

Sorry about that - and thanks a lot for reporting that.


Paulo Tavares