Certification transparency

By Eric Oud Ammerveld (PS10) on 22 Apr 2016
I do think it's innoying that the certification status disappears from your public profile.
Linked-In doesn't remove your certifications if they are older than 5 years. They are part of your resume.
I mean I have a swimming certification; that doesn't expire.
I have a driving license... that doesn't expire.
I have a Engineers degree... that doesn't expire.
Those are things that seriously matter.
For a partnership I think it's important for partners to "prove" their quality to be able to deliver quality level people to maintain their partner status.
But through the community it would be good to be able to know ones past certifications.
Just to estimate the level in the forums or to estimate someones experience when hiring.
Most of all I think a past certification is property of the developer; not of Outsystems.
J.22 Apr 2016
agree 100%

Justin James23 Apr 2016
I agree as well... however... it is not uncommon for technical items for a renewal to be required on a regula basis. Lots of things in OutSystems have changed over the years and the "right way" of doing something 5 years ago isn't the "right way" today.

I think that a good compromise would be to still show the old ones... but show them with the date they were earned or last renewed, or maybe "stamp" the certification with a version number and when the current training/certification requirements change, mark people with the older versions as "out of date".

Nuno Reis25 Apr 2016
We may not need to go into details of when it expired. Just mention its existence.

Had certifications as Associate Developer, Professional Developer, Expert Developer, Engagement Manager.
Currently valid: none.


Had certifications as Associate Developer, Professional Developer, Engagement Manager.
Currently valid: Expert Developer (with the badge and all)
J.25 Apr 2016
@JJ well, I agree, but my current projects are in 9.1 so that would be sufficient to say I am keeping up my knowledge.
It's simply silly to pay hundreds of euros just for an ambigious exam.

Justin James25 Apr 2016
J -

Agreed. The re-certification process should be cheap/free. Someone like you or me... folks know who we are, we don't really need the certification process. Our records speak for themselves. But there are a lot of other folks without the visibility within the OutSystems community who are fantastic, but need those certifications.