Add Exclude option for Any Element

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Add "Exclude" option for Any Element (webscreen,webblock etc)  that when marked as EXCLUDED may reside in the espace without publishing it..
Created on 29 Apr 2016
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29 Apr 2016
just like as in .net framework we exclude any webpage...
29 Apr 2016
why not simply delete it?

4 May 2016
Or rather, what's the use case for this? What do you want to achieve with it?
9 May 2016
hey killan ,

With that some times we have to run the espace without some logics which are not developed (gives compplation errors) and we do not want to detete the undeveloped logics (webscreens etc) and use them later but as of now we have to  we have to delete and compile the espace to run project. 
9 May 2016
Ah, ok, yeah, that could be useful, thanks.
9 May 2016
just delete them anyways, remember the version and later, just merge it back again...

9 May 2016
the reason behind it, imho, just keep clean code.

if you put "excluded" you are going to wonder why you placed it at first.
if it takes 4 weeks to include it again, chances are, requirements have changed, insights are different etc.
so you end up refactoring the stuff anyways.

9 May 2016
Still, it might be useful for temporary stuff. We had code littered with If-elements that had a "False" or "True" in it, to bypass old code that someone was fearful to prune. You can't force clean code :).
10 May 2016
i agree with killan ,
it will be useful in many ways not just that we will forget to use our code but in many situations we need to check and run our espace without including all stuff that is in use.