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Create global variable to be available on any e-space!!!
Created on 11 May 2016
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Quite impossible once you understand the architecture, and totally undesireable if you ever programmed in old-school BASIC.

What use case are you trying to solve with the use of a global variable? 

You can have something similar to that, using a site propertie, although it's not for a variable purpose that it was designed, or you can use a session variable (same name in different eSpaces normally has the same value).

Another thing instead of creating an idea you should use the Forum first to understand if what you are trying to achieve (use case like Robert said), can be done and how.
Whenever I encounter a need for something like this I always just create an entity that, using logic in the application, can have one and only one record with ID value = 1.  This record contains any global variables you might need.  My typical use case is where I can have multiple components (back office and public facing for example) that can create an invoice where I need a single global invoice number.

No need for anything implemented within the platform.

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Hello friends

Dear Justin James,

Impossible not know. So it's an idea. If you use do not always have a reason for someone to use. Explain answering other questions.

Dear Robert Chanphakeo
I appreciate your feedback and needed a session variable that was available on all e-spaces. But clarify responding below that has the same information.

Dear Nuno Rolo
I've tried here and it was not possible. properts site only works in e-space.

Dear Curt Raddatz and others,

The scenario is as follows. I have a system that needs to check a number of process. But this process can be A decision between various systems as Storekeeper, heritage, etc. that are in different departments. Whenever changes and-space have to redo a query to update the process for each system (e-space). If the case number was in session I would not have to do this.

This is just one example. So Justin James, if Mr. does not use does not mean that other systems analysts do not use. This is very practical.

So the objection to my solution is doing one select query and possibly one update query?  In my example, doing a queiry on a known identifer (1) will take a few milliseconds at most (same with the update) and in all likelyhood will be in the database memory most of the time.  This is a good solution for the use case you describe and you can enhance it to lock the global, perform audits or whatever else you need to do in the action you  create to perform this.

So based on knowing that using site variables is not the preferred way of doing this and getting the platform changed will not happen in a timely manner if at all, just go ahead and implement what has been suggested and move on.  Don't get hung up on forcing something when there are good alternatives.

Hope this helps,

Each case is different, but as said above you can 'create global properties' by session variables or site properties. Yes these are eSpace releated, but you can easily build a function/action around it to get that value or set that value in/from other eSpaces.

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