Modified Pricing Model for Nonprofits

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Nonprofits can innovate very quickly with Outsystems, but their wallet is not nearly as large as the enterprise organizations that Outsystems has been doing pricing for.  For registered 501(c)(3) organizations in the US, I would recommend a much lower price in order to help them gain entry to this amazing product.  For a typical setup that would cost, say, $60K USD for enterprises, I would recommend lowering it to $10K or $20K USD.

Created on 13 May 2016
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I still think we should have a community version with at least database 5gb would be excellent and enough!
I doubt this will happen as it's just not the type of clients they are trying to attract but if they did this it shouldn't be limited to non-profits.  Small businesses have been looking for this kind of solution and pricing too.

Yup, had to revert back to angularJS en php-backend for a simple site...
took me 1 day to build it in Outsystems.
took me weeks to build it in angular.. (I admit, it was new to me, but still)

We all would like OS to be free completely..that is one end of the spectrum. But how far you go up the spectrum form there is not really down to understanding what people want as a price which is quite an easy proposition but it is the alignment of the boards strategy at price point at which will attract their preferred audience. So who is the preferred audience is the question and a tool vendor is unlikely to be too clear on this for obvious reasons.

Consider the native app in Version10....if this was free then every app developer in the world would have a look at OS but at the moment I think the board is concentrated on the enterprise and not for app developers hence the price model will be prohibitory to app developers outside of the enterprise. I noticed this at NextStep in Portugal that people were saying OS must doing something about the price model for native app development but I don't think OS should go after native app developers who create their apps at home as it were just yet.....won't be a popular view but you can grow too quickly so a price model helps control growth.
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Hi Joshua,

OutSystems is a for profit company and we need to price according to our target market, ensuring we have the cashflow to enable us to continue to evolve our platform.

Having said that we do have non-profit organizations as clients and we do like to give back to the community.

We will take into account the needs and capacity of the non-profit organizations when pricing specific deals.

Thanks for your idea!