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We're making a huge migration in my company and we're having trouble because we need to make lots of differents reports, to show incomplete data and what's being migrated and so on.

The problem is that we're mostly using advanced query in order to do so, and we can't send a report directly out of the Advanced Query component from the Service Studio, so we need to make a page, publish and then run the page to get the report. When we manage to do it and we don't get a query timeout, it's a cumbersome activity.

The idea is to make a Advanced Query Editor, like the Sql Server Management Studio, we're there is no need to add references in order to use them and you can make the report in its entirety anytime you need.

If such tool is available, please show me where is it.

Created on 19 May 2016
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If you are using an on-premise installation, just connect SQL Server Management Studio to your DB. To make it easier, the View4Entity component in the Forge can help you out.

and in the cloud as well! You can request a database user to access data directly with SQL Management Studio