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I am currently working on an espace with tons of warning/errors because of some refactoring.
there is no way (afaik) to sort the messages on columns like priority/message/description/webscreen etc.
filter on warnings only etc.

that would be nice if we can do that.

furthermore I would like to see that the last row "errors found" is always visibile instead of having to scroll down everytime

Created on 9 Jun 2010
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I was also thinking about this feature.

Our problem is that while we are developing we see things (mostly small ones) that need to be improved/ checked later on (lower priority). We don't want to do this right away so we set a comment with a tag and reminder on True.

Now the True change has 20 comment messages where I would like the idea of sorting these files.

Also just like Joost said, always show the last row, since that's the importend one.
It would be great if we could see the errors, warnings or reminders in the TrueChange on different tabs or if we could filter by type.
+1 to this idea. It would be great.
Merged this idea with 'TrueChange - Add sorting options' (created on 17 Jul 2016 04:09:44 by Justin James)

Would be nice to sort by error message and such. Especially message, when the fix involves a quick copy/paste job...


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