Rounding decimal places wrongly when value is '0'

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I just noticed, if I am selecting values of decimal type through Advance Query, 0 values are returned wrongly in Version

Declare attribute of decimal data type and assign decimal places as 2.

Insert 0 value for few records.

Inside structure, which will be used in Advance Query, declare attribute of decimal data type and decimal places 2.

Now write Advance Query and test. multiple decimal places would be shown after 0 i.e. 0.0000000000.

This thing should be avoided and platform must round it either to 2 decimal places or just 0. It created problem for Export To Excel operation since user wanted to see values rounded to 2 decimal places. I had to do that work manually for 0 values.
Created on 20 May 2016
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I'm pretty sure this is a bug that was recently introduced in the platform. I'm not sure whether it has been fixed already.