Bi-weekly Webinars Dedicated to Partners

On our radar
30 minute live webinars every 2 weeks dedicated to partners to review specific items for partners such as using the ROI Calculator, discuss key insights/ideas/questions/concerns/challenges...

I invest a lot of time reviewing the information available in the partner center... and yet there is still a lot to learn and questions that I have.

Every time I speak with Brian B., he provides more key selling points and strategies.  
Created on 22 May 2016
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23 May 2016
That's a good idea. An alternative would be the partner version of the "Master Classes", longer sessions focused on a specific topic, with an established, repeatable cirriculum. That would allow other partners to get the same information as they get on board, instead of trying to review a pile of 30 minute meetings.

23 May 2016
Hi Luis and James! Thank you so much for your suggestions!
We are, indeed, starting to release bi-weekly webinars for partners! Our next one is focused on Training and Certification. You can check the content here.

I will make sure every partner is aware of the webinars.
In the meantime, I will check the "Master classes" idea with our training team - that will also host our next webinar. 
Thank you, once again!
25 May 2016
Yes, those "Master Classes" would be great Justin and Davide. Thanks for the link with the content.