Database Query

By Didier Vennens on 24 May 2016

my suggestion should by that there is an extra option in the aggregations where you can see the real/exact query that will be executed at the database.

Now there is only an option that you can see query that is executed for the preview. It takes also in account the testvalues that you use.

in attachment you can see an image of that option

This can be convenient for debuggen issues.

João Santos25 May 2016
HI Didier, 

How would that new feature help you?
What's the task that you have to do today in a different way, that you are trying to optimize? What's the purpose of that task?

Paulo Ferreira25 May 2016
Didier, the runtime query also takes into account the actual parameter values that are used, so the only difference between the preview and runtime queries should be the extra RowNum filter, to limit the number of rows.