Aggregates: reorder filters

By Carlos Henriques on 13 Jun
We should be able to reorder filter elements as we can reorder sort and joins.
Hi Carlos,

What is the purpose of that feature? Is it just to improve readability?
Yeah, there's no technical/practical reason for this, unless you feel that it might help the SQL be slightly more optimized?

Yes, essentially to improve readability of the filters section.

Many times you expect some filters to be always at the same position, for instance, the common "LIKE ... SearchKeyword ..." to be always at the top of the list.
Yes, definitely this. @Justin: we typically like to group the restrictions per table, e.g.

MyTable1.value > someValue
MyTable1.userName = userName > currDate <= currDate

and then oh, we forgot a filter on MyTable1. That'll end up below the MyTable2 filters, which is difficult to maintain, especially if you have joined 10 tables each with their own filters.
Just right now I wanted this feature to be available. Searched if someone already had think about and voilà, here it was. Like it.