insert SQL IN option inside aggregation

By Luciano Schiavo on 19 Jun 2016
The SQL IN will help to decrease the screens and table record components inside a screen. Today I am trying to work with tags and I have to create different options to search the assets and the assets that use tags. If I associate a function to do the search I need I could use the record list result to populate the return of a search using just one table record component.
Kilian Hekhuis21 Jun 2016
I've read the above three times, but I can't understand a word of it, unfortunately. And having an IN in an aggregation is already an Idea, I'm sure.
Luciano Schiavo1 Jul 2016
The basic idea is to associate a function to the aggregate. This function returns a list of registers that will be used to select the registers that will appear on the table list.  This is like a transversal filter or a filter based on a stored procedure in a conventional way. Tag is only a sample of the practical use.
Kilian Hekhuis1 Jul 2016
Ah, ok, now I get it :). Will be difficult to implement though, I think.