Add support for generic (untyped) webservices

By Stefan Meier on 27 Apr 2010
Supprt generic webservices using 'AnyType' constructs and allow the developer to define the expected data structure
Matthias Preuter27 Apr 2010
Good point, and also support for:
  • Web Service with external references.
  • HTTPS support
Hans de Vries29 Apr 2010

Please also add support for webservices that require a certificate for authorization.

using the certificate from a certain path (run-time configuratble) or by adding the certificate as a (static) resource.

Manuel Dias12 May 2010
Web Services with HTTPS support are available since version 4.0 I believe.

Regarding Web Services with support for external references, I think you are talking about the <xsd:import> element, and this feature has been implemented in 5.0.