Make the number of opened eSpaces unlimited

By Tomasz M. Lipinski on 21 Jun 2016

ServiceStudio allows to open not more than 7 eSpaces in one instance of SS (one instance of its UI wrapper, I suppose). The eighth eSpace is opened in a new instance of SS (or sticked to an arbitrary chosen existing instance of SS!). It's annoying and it can lead to errors (paralell changes in two instances of some eSpace). I can't see what is the ground and goal of such a limitation. It would be appreciated to leave the user the decision, how many eSpaces are to be opened simultaneously. In addition, it should be disallowed to open the second instance of the same eSpace.

Kilian Hekhuis21 Jun 2016
What's even worse, if there's 7 eSpaces open, and the "arbitrary instance" is on a different server, it'll get opened on the wrong server - oops! (I reported that bug already, btw). But indeed this is annoying, +1 from me.