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Not right now
I understand that you can convert from 
  • web screen to web block to email, 
  • local variable to input parameter to output parameter etc
You can do this by using the copy and paste as option!
It would be good to just right click on a webblock,email, webscreen or variable etc and click "CONVERT", SS would then prompt the user to select an option to "convert to..." user clicks on an option and SS would automatically "cut" and "paste" the item as the selected option.
Less clicks = better user experience :)
FEATURE: Good to have, but not mandatory!
Created on 15 Jun 2010
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Changed the status to
Not right now

Hey Robert,

Thanks a lot for the idea

Although this would accelerate this operation, it is not used that frequently and it is already pretty quick and easy to use (just 2 clicks) - as you said, it is a "good to have".

Because of this, we don't have short-term plans to tackle this.