Schedule to start  the second step deploy on Lifetime

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Sometimes I need start deploy in 2 steps, but I don't need / want ( or forget sometimes) to go back to confirm the second step. 
With a schedule option, I know the deploy will be executed without confirmations.
Created on 6 Jul 2016
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7 Jul 2016
Hello Anderson,

why is that different from having just one step?
11 Aug 2016

Hi Pedro,

Is different because I cannot deploy to production at midday, but I can prepare the first step to be deployed at anytime.

18 Jan 2017

Hello again Anderson!

How about having an API where you can check the status of the deploy? :)


11 May 2017

Hello Again Pedro,

i think with a little coding it can be solved, i will look to this API

13 May 2017

It's a very frequent question made by client's IT departments...

17 Jul 2017

I like have to option to move an application from one environment to another,outside of working hours (at night).

I think, It will be very useful for many companies.

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