Refresh preparation Actions like Queries

On our radar

Many times we need to create local screen vars to support data actions refresh.

It would be really nice to have a 'Refresh Action' similar to 'Refresh Query'.

'Refresh Query' was made to avoid this. I think 'Refresh Action' will be "The icing on the cake"!

Created on 19 Jul 2016
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Yeah, would be nice. LIKED!


The ability to refresh preperation actions would avoid a lot of extra variables and rebinding. It would make a lot of actions smaller and simpeler. 

To make the unforseen impacked scope smaller, they could implement it for read only preperation actions first. Preperations actions that use read only functions. So no create/update/delete.

That way it should be more practical to create a data retrieving action, that can be use in multiple places easily, and refreshed easily, without all the duplicate code, aka repettative data binding.

In fact you want to be able to rerun/refresh (parts of) the preparation, including assignments (e.g. after a listfilter)