Lifetime automatic syncs should have their own thread

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The infrastructure team in my company have created a schedule to turn on and off machines. to save a lot of money (we use cloud). As an example, the pre-production environment is only turned ON 3 days before each release to production.

So, when we do a deployment from a development environment to a test environment, we notice that the Tagging version, synchronizing and updating version steps take way longer than the usual. I already know that is related with having one environment down (this case pre-production), because as soon as the infrastructure team turns on the pre-production machines, the deployment speeds up.

This happens because Lifetime is trying to reach pre-production to execute the daily automatic syncs between all environments.

My idea is, Lifetime could have those automatic syncs in a different thread, so it would not slow down any other process. Maybe having it in a different eSpace, and then the Infrastructure team could add it in a different application pool? Or something like that.


Nelson Freitas

Created on 25 Jul 2016
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