Add SAML integration to LifeTime and ServiceCenter

On our radar

For the larger companies there should be an option to login using SAML integration.

This will allow us to use 2FA login functionality and single-sign-on to Outsystems platform applications like ServiceCenter, LifeTime and Users.

This option can be placed behind a license-structure and a separate tab in the Administation page of Outsystems.

Created on 26 Jul 2016
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We have this built for our solution. It might be able to be applied to you as well. Our IT department uses SSO via SAMLv2 and the OutSystems team was able to get authentication to work with it.

Hi Nicholas,

I've also got a working solution for the apps we build, but I would like to have SSO via SAML on ServiceCenter and LifeTime. Did you manage to get SAML working on these applications too with the help of Outsystems? And are you also working in the Outsystems Cloud?

Kind regards, Remco

I highly agree, we would also like to see SAML integration as a Platform option. We have been looking into ways to implement 2FA authentication and would prefer not to build it ourselves. 

I'm surprised that this topic is still not closed after two years. I think security measures are becoming even more important these days. Having a two factor authentication at the developers/admin level is a must have in my opinion.