Multiple Element Editing

By Adam Esterle on 1 Aug 2016

It would be great if the OutSystems IDE could edit the same attributes on multiple fields at once.

Ctrl + click to select 10 labels and change the width field which will changeit on all ten.

I realize that not every element has the same fields, however, I think that thebottom-right attribute box should show the shared attributes

Eric Halim12 Sep 2017

When we have multiple objects...I expect we could change the same attribute they share at once.

For example I have 10 server actions and want to make it all public. I must go one by one. Why not just shift click all the objects and the same attributes should be visible and able to be changed at once.

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Suraj Borade12 Sep 2017

Hi Adam,

Idea is not clear, Can you please provide more explanation?

J.12 Sep 2017

tbh, it's very clear.

for example: select mutliple containers, what you want is to be able then is to change the css-classes at once.

select mutliple webblocks, set them all to public=yes at once

João Melo12 Sep 2017

This would be great!!

Stefaans Bothma12 Sep 2017

This has been bugging me since I started on OutSystems. Excellent idea!!!