Single Screen To Manage Site Properties

By Pramod Jain on 5 Aug 2016

Hi All,

I have a big multitenant application and it has around 50 espaces and when i deploy my application to any other enviorment i need to go to every espace and than inside tenants to set the values in site properties which is very time taking job.

My idea is to have a single screen where we can select the tenant application and it should populat eall Site properties in the same screen and save from there only.



Rebecca Hall5 Aug 2016

You can build your own screen to manage site properties.  On the preparation ... set a local structure with values from "Site.Property".  On the Save, Set the values from your screen back to "Site.Property".

Pramod Jain9 Aug 2016

Hi Rebecca,

 Certainly i can do it by my self but i want it to be a part of service center so that it will be centralize manageable and also available to everyone.



Tiago Neves14 Aug 2016

It would certainly be very helpful and should be available from within Service Center.