Web Service Namespace: Change default

By Robert Chanphakeo on 19 Jun 2010
Ability to change the default web service namespace.

<wsdl:definitions xmlns:s0="http://www.outsystems.com" ...............targetNamespace="http://www.outsystems.com">
... and, if possible, also the namespace of the structures/records used as parameters to the webservice.

This would also help a lot when creating our own stubs/simulators for third party services
Fernando Sousa21 Jun 2010

... and, if possible, to create a webservice based on a WSDL.

Many times we have to create a web service in an extension according to a specific WSDL document, which then invokes an eSpace action or "internal" web service. We'd like to avoid this types of implementations in the near future...
Is this feature on the roadmap?
Since version 6 you can change the default namespace for services you expose. There is a property in the espace that allows you to define that.

Creating a webservice out of a WSDL is unfortunately not in our short term roadmap, but we'll consider that for future versions
Fernando Sousa15 May 2013
Changing namespace was not enough in our case, sou we'll keep wating for the ability to create a webservice out of a WSDL.

I added this request as a new idea to keep the discussion open