An Alternative Approach of Lotus Notes to Word Converter

By geema moore on 9 Aug 2016

Lotus Notes application suite is usually preferred by many organization showing to its multiple service support. It provides a database system for storing the data and also acts as an emailing application, which allows task management, contact management, calendaring and programming. Lotus Notes makes the use of NSF file format for data storage. Due to certain adverse situations like network issues or Lotus Notes shut down, user may need to migrate the email data from Lotus Notes to some other applications. Many users prefer to convert the NSF files into word(.doc) files by using Lotus Notes emails into MS Word Converter.

The issues associated with Lotus Notes applications and methodology to convert NSF file to Word format is explained in the following section.

Reasons For Converting NSF file to Word

Generally,Lotus Notes is associated with the following issues, which makes user necessary to migrate to some other applications like Word.

1.Application Independence

By converting the Lotus Notes to Word document, user can easily access the data in word processor programs like Notepad, Word pad etc. User need not depend on connectivity with Lotus Notes any longer.

2.Easy Mobility

Converting the Lotus Notes email files into Word files will create a copy of email database. This word file can be easily accessed by the users as a plain text file, without any need of internet connectivity.

3.Data Retention

Generally, users prefer to retain the copy of Lotus Notes emails in an offline mode so that there is no loss of data during Lotus Notes failure. So,saving the data in Word allows user to easily store Lotus Notes content without data loss and network related issues.

How Does NSF to Word Converter Carry Out Conversion?

NSF to Word Converter is a third party tool, which allows an efficient conversion of Lotus Notes NSF file into Word file. Let us have a look on the working of the software to understand its conversion method.

The tool performs NSF file conversion in following steps:

1.Launch the software and browse the required Lotus Notes file.

2.Click on Start Scan button to begin automatic file scanning.

3.Once scanning is completed, an alert is generated. Click on OK to continue.

4.Select the required email folder, which needs to be converted.

5.Click on Start Conversion to begin the file conversion process.

6.Select a destination folder for the resultant Word file.

7.Click on Export Lotus Notes Email to Word Document button under the wizard.

8.Click on OK to close the alert box that indicates the completion of conversion.


Converting the Lotus Notes database into Word format can prove to be beneficial for users in case of network issues, Lotus Notes failure etc. Moreover, it increases the mobility of data as Word file can be accessed from anywhere. NSF to Word Converter is a tested tool, which carries out conversion without having any file size restriction. The tool excels its performance by maintaining data integrity and data formatting intact.

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