Service Center Error Log - More Info on Invalid Login

By Cody Misplay on 9 Aug 2016


It would be helpful to have more information in the Service Center error log when an Invalid Login occurs. 

If it isn't too much trouble, could you include the User Name (and IP address) when a login fails?

Thank you,

Rebecca Hall22 Aug 2016

On our environment we have this error logged every time a user logs in, even though we are using Single SIgn On.  It would be nice to even turn off logging instead of having 700 messages with "Invalid Login" in the server logs.

Rodrigo Coutinho17 Oct 2017

We now include part of the username (e.g. Login denied for 'admi****'. Invalid password (# of user failures: 2; # of IP address failures: 2), and on the detail of the error you can find information about the IP.