Viewstate tool

On our radar

it would be nice to build a viewstate tool to check the performance of the application.

Jorge Almeida

Created on 17 Aug 2016
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Not sure what you want to achieve by using a viewstate-tool?

Performance can be check in different ways (servicecenter is a big plus for starters)

care to eloborate it a bit more?

there was a tool in forge that enabled us to check the viewstate (unfortunatley it is no longer available). In the browser even if we use the inspect tool we only see the viewstate codified...  the main reason I'd like to see the viewstate concerns about this url:

https://success.outsystems.com/Support/Enterprise_Customers/Maintenance_and_Operations/Performance_Best_Practices/Performance_Best_Practices_-_User_Interface  the first remark: 

Avoid using preparation data in screen actions

that refers to the viewstate issue.  The purpose concerns about the performance as explained in the aforementioned link. It would be used as a metrics of the performance.