create a data type datasource to reuse datasources

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Today I have an action called ParameterLoad.  I use it to access the same datasource and handle all parameters (id of system, detail or summarized vision,  inside my application. However, this utility is limited because I can not refresh the datasource and I can not get the count property to handle scroll between pages. 

It could be solved if the data type datasource would be available. That way I could use the same datasource without constraint.

Created on 23 Aug 2016
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Hi Luciano,

So you wanted a way to refresh the ParameterLoad outputs, just like you can refresh Aggregates and AdvancedQueries. Is that it?



Hi Paulo.

The idea is to reuse the aggregate enabling to reuse it in table records widget.  When I create an aggregate outside of page context I can not use the benefits of integration between table records and aggregate or, in another words,  I can not populate my data in the screen from an external aggregate.