Allow easier parameter duplication in Integration Studio

By Grayson Udstrand on 30 Aug 2016

In integration studio, it is difficult to quickly scaffold many similar actions/entities/structures. For example, when building an integration for a payment gateway, you must use a set of identical parameters across every action you wish to interact with the gateway as it requires those parameters to make the connection. Additionally, sometimes the parameters of an action are a subset of parameters for another action. This common duplication scenario should be supported by Integration Studio! It would save developers a lot of time manually creating and recreating these parameters for every action/entity/structure that demands it. 

J.31 Aug 2016

This idea is posted before afaik.

Even though I fully endorse it, I doubt they will do it, because Integration Studio is just an escape goat if it cannot be solved in Service Studio.

Grayson Udstrand31 Aug 2016

There are thousands of services out there that have SDKs and APIs that would be great to have integrated with OutSystems which are not there yet. If OutSystems wants to be a big player, they should make easy changes that foster the open-source community and the ongoing integration of the latest/greatest tech. 

It just seems to me like it's a fairly small change that would go a long way in the usability of Integration Studio. It's one of those things that, even though I know the ability isn't there, I keep trying to copy/past/duplicate things around because it really feels like it should be there.

Also, thanks for the full endorsement, J 

J.1 Sep 2016

I know, yet integration studio hasn't been changed since, well, since I started working on it :)

besides some minor fixes, updates of runtimes etc.

Tim Timperman12 Sep 2016

That only means it is long overdue to receive some love. They really need to do a full review of Integration Studio and this item should be high on the priority list.

Grayson Udstrand14 Sep 2016

Agreed - there are more usability issues with Integration Studio than just this, and it could really use a bit of a revamp. Including maybe some more docs on how to use the included platform libraries with some examples.