Open expression editor when double clicking a label

By Kilian Hekhuis on 7 Oct 2016

Labels have an expression that can be edited via its "Value" property. However, I find myself often clicking/double clicking the label text to edit it, like we can do with normal Expression widgets. It would be nice if Service Studio opened the expression editor when double clicking the label, like it does for expressions.

J.7 Oct 2016


Vasco Pessanha27 Oct 2017

Hi guys,

Just to let you know we will take a look into this soon ;)


Kilian Hekhuis27 Oct 2017

Thanks Vasco!

Vasco Pessanha10 Nov 2017

One week... counting down :)

Hanno14 Nov 2017

Almost there, yay!

Vasco Pessanha16 Nov 2017


Forgot to tell you, we already have this in the new version :)

Thanks a lot for your contribution!

Keep these ideas coming

Claring16 Nov 2017

Nice! when will be the download be up?

Vasco Pessanha16 Nov 2017

Hi Claring,

You already have a Release Candidate version available to download: