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Nowadays, the aggregates are optimized in screen actions based on the used attributes. 

Aggregates in Actions can be optimized as well in my opinion, of course unless you use the whole record list as output parameter.
But when the record list is read into a list with less attributes which is returned, it can be improved.

Created on 10 Oct 2016
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Hi Hans,

Why do you assume this isn't already the case? Have you used the database profiler to check this? I was under the assumption that this was the current behaviour of Aggregates, regardless of where they are executed.

Hi Kilian,

yes, I used a profiler in 2016 to see that aggregates in actions weren't optimized (.NET > Oracle) . 

I used it today as well and I see that aggregates are optimized right now (.NET > SQL Server). 

So, I'm very glad about it, although I haven't read anything about it in the release notes.