More control over the update process of mobile applications in version 10

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Power control through APIs upgrading of mobile applications in the version 10 of the platform. Automatic updates are an advantage but at various times I do not want it to occur. An example of this is I need sales force system distribute updates but do not want to interfere with the main objective of which is the sale, how it works today if the system identifies a new version it updates automatically, I want to be able to prevent this and also to determine that user group will suffer that particular update.

1 - Power have updates manually or automatic as choice.

2 - Power to determine which group of users receive the update.

3 - Be able to identify through API that exists update, inform the user and if the same is optional it chooses the best time to do it.

4 - Once with the API I can determine logical to upgrade such as maximum to the same place or the same start date.

Created on 13 Oct 2016
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Hi Alexandre,

I totally understand the part of splitting the upgrade by different groups of users.

On the other hand, if you don't want any of your users to upgrade, why would you push the app to production?