send and receive forms

By Tshegetsang Nkaelang on 23 Jun 2010
bear with me guys, i am still a novice when it comes to Agile but what i can say is that it is the best platform i've ever come accross in 20 years since i was a COBOL student. can one develop something like feedback forms and receive them back for further processing in Agile. that would be a nice function to have if it is not already available!

João Rosado23 Jun 2010
If I understood what you want correctly, is this what you want?
Matthias Preuter24 Jun 2010

No i think it should be something like below :D


       01  DATA-SCREEN.

           05  HDR-INFO.

               10  VALUE "DATA SCREEN"        BLANK SCREEN

                                              LINE 01 COL 30.

               10  VALUE "ID #"               LINE 03 COL 12.

               10  VALUE "NAME"               LINE 03 COL 17.

           05  INFO-SCR-IN.

               10  ID-ON-SCR-IN               LINE CUR COL 12

                   PIC XXXX         FROM ID-IN.

               10  NAME-ON-SCR-IN             LINE CUR COL 17

                   PIC X(20)        FROM NAME-IN.

           05  RESP-INFO.

               10  VALUE "C - TO CONTINUE"    LINE 16 COL 30.

               10  VALUE "Q - TO QUIT"        LINE 17 COL 30.

               10  VALUE "ENTER CHOICE:"      LINE 19 COL 30.

               10  RESPONSE-SCR               LINE 19 COL 45

                   PIC X     TO SCR-RESP-WS.