RunJavascript action should have syntax highlighting

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It's kinda frustrating working without syntax highlighting. The action is error prone. 

Created on 23 Oct 2016
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Have you checked it in version 10? At least the JavaScript node and scripts in mobile apps have syntax highlighting.

I tried to test it on Outsystems 10, but I got a weird error when trying to use my personal environment there. I posted the error in the forum. Maybe you can help.

Hello again Mr. Kilian.

I resolved my issue in Outsystems 10 so I was able to test the RunJavascript Action from the HTTPRequestHandler extension. 

It behaves exactly the same as in Outsystems 9. The action just receive text. This is super error prone. I often find myself writing Javascript in Notepadd++ and then copy paste it on the RunJavascript action. A platform this expensive should at least have syntax highlighting for commonly used actions where you actually code.