Improved excel handling for imports/exports

On our radar

A more flexible excel import/export functionality would be great.

I created a wrapper around a commercial (demo) excel library, but I think it would be very useful if this was included in the platform, for example:

- opening multi-tab excels
- writing to cels, ranges etc.
- preserve graphs / formulas in opened excels
Created on 27 Apr 2010
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Add Winnovative Excel Library
Great idea.

It would also be great to have an optional feature "Show worksheet picker"  when importing from a multi workbook xcel file. In the current sittuation you have to tell the import widget which workbook should be imported. And the workbook name is case sensetive.  There it often goes wrong.

When I want want to achieve that now I have to write an extension who does that.

This is with no doubt an excellent idea.

I'm developing a project in which i need to export data into an excel template that have some images, and so on...

It would be great if we can point to some labels and fill the excel file this way...
In Microsoft office it is possible to make a new file(Excel, Word) based on a custum tamplate it would be nice to have option in recordlisttoexcel to pin point a template.