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When you are adding fields to an entity you are able to do it using shortcut CTRL+N but when adding parameters on advanced Query you are not.

It was nice to have this concept to create anything.

Created on 28 Oct 2016
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6 Jan 2017

Hi guys,

This should be everywhere it's obvious what you should create, indeed!!

Besides AdvancedQuery's parameters I also found:

- Create entities when you use CtrlN in the  "Database" in eSpace tree

- Create static records when you useCtrlN in the "records" folder

- Create UI flows when you use CtrlN in the "UI Flows" folder

Do you have more examples?

6 Jan 2017

Some more:

  • “LocalStorage” folder => new client entity

  • “Client Actions” folder => new client action

  • “Server Actions” folder => new server action

  • “Roles” folder  => new role


6 Jan 2017

Hi guys,

Good news: I already fixed this little issue and it will be released in the next patch of platform 10!!

Here is a list of all the scenarios covered (a loot :P):

  • Structure
  • SiteProperties
  • EntityDiagram
  • Entities (in database folder)
  • Client entities (local storage folder)
  • UI Flows
  • Advanced Query parameters
  • Client actions (even inside folders)
  • Server actions (even inside folders)
  • Roles
  • User exceptions
  • Themes
  • Scripts
  • Processes
  • Timers

Now let's create elements with the keyboard ;)

6 Jan 2017

Great News! :) I'm sure it will increase productivity on scenarios where you need to add several items.