Add Windows Mobile 10 support for OutSystems version 10 (native app)

On our radar

Adding Windows Mobile 10 support for OutSystem Now(verison10) and Native App capability.

OutSystems 9 has some support for windows mobile 8.1 (mentioned on OutSystems website) and windows mobile 10 (tested by me), but this has not been taken across to the latest Outsystems release, version 10.  

This has been confirmed by OutSystem Support team:

"As for Windows Mobile 10 support, currently it is not supported as a native app, but you can propose that on our Ideas [2]page"

Created on 28 Oct 2016
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Windows Mobile 10 market is an opportunity. Why bungle it?

Hey guys,

It is not yet clear to us, OutSystems, what Window's strategy towards mobile is. From Window Mobile/Phone (which has been deprecated), to UWP (universal windows platform), to PWA (progressive web apps... yes, Edge already supports Service Workers), there have been a lot of different approaches to the same end.

We're definitely paying attention to what Microsoft is doing and this is something that's under our radar, but there's still some uncertainty as to what the best solution is.


Ricardo Alves