Improved List Navigation

By Tiago Neves on 30 Oct 2016

My idea is to improve current List Navigation widget, which imho is not intuitive neither informative and takes too much valuable space for redundant or no use functionality.

  • Why a button with (...) that has no action?
  • Or page numbers for Prev/Next pages when we already have Previous and Next buttons?
  • How do we know how many pages are there?
  • How can we get back to first page?

Existing List Navigation widget:

My idea is to keep Previous and Next, add a First and Last Page button, highlight the current page and in between have a (...) button to enable navigation to one of those pages in between.

This could apply only to lists with >= 10 pages. Up to 9 pages just buttons with page numbers would be enough.

Suggestions to improve on this are welcome.

Niels Favreau3 Nov 2016

We should be able to customize those types of widgets, without creating our own one.. (or cloning the widget)

João Melo4 Nov 2016

Totally agree.. And agree with Niels too. I think those behaviours could be parameterized in the System's Site properties. How does that sound?